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Auto Broker Fee

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NOTE: We charge a service fee in the amount of $399.00 for every vehicle leased or purchased from our company. The fee is payable at time of delivery. This fee may vary depending on the level of service requested. Some discounts may apply for multi-car deals and fleet orders, please ask your broker for details.

Broker Fee Refund policy:

The Auto Broker fee is payable at time of delivery of your new vehicle. Your sales agent will provide you with a detailed statement for the broker fee as well as any other fees, like delivery fees, shipping etc. As this is a new car transaction and the in the state of California, there is no cooling off period on new cars, therefore are no refunds for the broker fee. You cannot simply return the car later for any reason, therefore we do not offer refunds for our service. There are multi-car discounts of the service as well as repeat client special discounts. Please ask your sales agent or call for details.