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Cilajet auto paint protection conforms to the most recent Boeing Specification (D6-17487 Rev.R). It was developed as a commercial aerospace product, and is now made available to you through the automotive industry. Cilajet is a proven and unmatched world-class paint sealant that was developed exclusively through the aviation industry for the purpose of slowing down the corrosion process on paint. Conforming to aviation standards is extremely difficult as aircraft are subject to much harsher environmental conditions. Commercial jets can fly 600+ MPH at 30,000 feet through rain, clouds, dust, sleet, snow and extreme temperature changes. What a commercial jet sees in just one week, a car may never see in its lifetime! Cilajet is not like a traditional "auto paint sealant" wax or other coating commonly made available to consumers via detail facilities, paint and body shops or retail stores. - See video bellow or check out full description with before and after pictures here:  https://www.cilajet.com/before_after.html  

Cilajet can be included in your lease or financing monthly payments,  ask your salesperson for details

Completely customizable "Black out" package:  For both new and used cars,  we can  black out the wheels ,  badges and chrome accents of the vehicle.  It comes with warranty and it looks awesome! It can also e included in your payments,  ask your salesperson for details. 

Black out wheels

Ask your auto broker about our lease end restore renew contract,  available on all new cars leased through us.   It covers up to $3000 in physical damage at the end of the lease.